What our clients say

Improving sales/sqft
“Mteq are able to significantly influence the performance of an organisation’s
    resources – in our case our store staff”
“We are currently achieving double digit L4L sales peaking at 14.5%”

Improving gross margin
“They had a major effect on the performance of our store staff and of course,
    on our bottom line”

Engaging the workforce
“Working shoulder to shoulder with front line managers the changes introduced
    are well received and of course this ensures the sustainability of improvements achieved”
“I feel that behaviour change is the magic they inject”

Reducing staff costs
“Mteq implemented a new Retail management and store staff structure
    which dramatically reduced our payroll costs by approx. 20%”

Reducing logistics costs/sales
“Warehouse labour productivity improved by 15%”
“The accuracy and process of stock replenishment was significantly improved”
“The implemented Management Control System allowed quicker delivery
    of new stock to stores”

Review of working capital
“Mteq identified better ways of using resources to improve efficiency and release costs”

Accelerated delivery of results
“Their approach is highly effective and I would recommend them to other organisations
    who wish to achieve significant accelerated improvements in performance”
“I found their approach to be innovative, potentially rewarding and a route to grip
    opportunities hidden by inertia or a lack of available skills and resources”

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