Welcome to Mteq Retail

Today’s tough retail climate demands doing more for less, achieving good growth in low
growth and ultra competitive markets, stripping out waste and cutting costs, but at the
same time delivering an even better customer experience. This demands being more
effective in how people work and how they achieve results.

Mteq Retail specialises in working with ambitious business leaders and their teams to
deliver transformational improvement in business performance. Mteq delivers top line
growth, operational effectiveness, cost efficiencies, sustainable improvements in profits
and reductions in working capital.

Clients use Mteq Retail’s delivery skills to develop and implement accelerated
programmes to improve sales/foot, reduce labour cost/sales, reduce logistics cost/sales,
improve gross margin, reduce discretionary spending and engage the workforce to

The team consists of proven specialists with exemplary retail and project delivery
experience. They share one thing in common, they are not theorists – they define and
deliver step change improvement programmes with measurable and guaranteed results
and have delivered for many retailers including Fat Face, New Look, D&A, The
Co-operative, QS and Somerfield.

Mteq creates value for organisations - through improved performance achieved
by providing objective advice and implementing business solutions.

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